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Author Eric Cervini explains Frank Kameny’s legacy as a complex figure in the history of the LGBTQ struggle, as he discusses his new book The Deviant’s War with Daya, Kate , and Eric. Kameny was a trailblazer for civil rights yet also a person deeply committed to an assimilationist vision of queer equality, one that often sidelined people of color as well as trans and gender-nonconforming members of the community. In the wake of Bostock vs. Clayton County, the landmark Supreme Court case that firmed up protections against employment discrimination for LGBTQ workers under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Cervini discusses how Kameny would have seen this moment in history and how his early work demonstrates at once the decades of struggle that have brought the freedoms of our moment as well as the road we still must travel.
Also, our own Eric Newman explains how he came to read Robert K Massie’s magisterial biography of Catherine the Great; and why he’d recommend it to anyone.