Part I:  Tori, and her co-host Patrick A. Howell, engage in an upbeat and timely conversation with two of the most magical spirits in the world of entertainment and beyond, as they passionately reminisce and voice their thoughts on today’s zeitgeist. 7 Grammys. 3 Platinum records and 15 Gold. From Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In to One Less Bell To Answer…and their duet, You Don’t Have To Be a Star… they fly in different dimensions, harmonizing, uplifting, and inspiring. Up, up and away… they continue to fulfill their purpose while being rooted in love, faith, and a lasting marriage. On this first episode, we talked about their beginning, The Fifth Dimension, life altering moments, the Age of Aquarius, and so much more! Here’s to our favorite twin flames… Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.