Tori talks with the author of Dispatches from the Vanguard. A timely release from London’s Repeater Books capturing the current core of American and global culture through the Global International African Arts Movement. Some compare this period of time to the 1920s, drawing parallels between the influenza and corona virus. But what about the Harlem Renaissance that gave rise to not only the Black Arts Movement but also Hip Hop? Dispatches is a marvel from an independent publishing house by Tariq Goddard that has truly created an instant classic and manifesto for the new age we are all in. They talk about this groundbreaking book, how we’re all global, the healing spirit of Patrick’s father, how to create a global movement, living life as art, and so much more! Here’s to these creative expressionists, Patrick A. Howell and Marvin L. Mills. 

Patrick A. Howell (Picture Above)
Marvin L. Mills, leading a Black Lives Matter protest in Seoul Korea, Dec 6 2014 (Picture Bellow)