Read Matt Seidel’s review of I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel


AUTHORS DAVID SHIELDS and Caleb Powell have written a new book in which they trade jabs at one another about life, art, and what it means to write a good book. Naturally, the metaphorical jabs have become increasingly violent on the subsequent book tour — just here in Los Angeles we caught wind of a vicious melee on KCRW’s Bookworm, and an even heavier showdown that evening at the Skirball Center — and so we took some pity on these literary warriors and offered up a deal: we would take them to the beach to cool off, soak up some sun, and catch a breath between rounds. Of course David and Caleb can’t even agree on the color of the sky, and a slow afternoon ride on the ferris wheel quickly became a scuffle for the ages.