Oscar season is upon us and our fearless co-hosts Eric Newman, Medaya Ocher, and Kate Wolf bravely tender their predictions and preferences in a range of categories. There’s a lot of love for Glenn Close and The Favorite, not so much for A Star is Born, respect for Roma, and a special focus on documentaries because we’ve interviewed the directors of many of this year’s favorites (having featured last year’s winner, Icarus). Medaya and Kate spoke with Sandi Tan, director of Shirkers; Eric talked to Bing Liu, director of Minding the Gap; and Morgan Neville discussed his film Won’t You Be My Neighbor? with Kate and Eric. But we’ve chosen to bring you a command performance of Eric and Medaya’s interview with Tim Wardle, director of Three Identical Strangers.

Also, author Julietta Singh returns to recommend The Queer Art of Failure by Jack Halberstam, which features close readings of Pixar films, celebrating a new generation of animated films that embrace characters, narratives, and communities that counter the traditional tropes of patriarchal, hetero-normative, heroic individualism.