Two scholars of queer history, Emeritus Professor Martin Duberman and LARB‘s Eric Newman, assess the state of the LGBTQ+ movement and ask whether today’s generation can redeem the radical vision of Stonewall-era activists. The jumping off point is Martin’s new book, Has the Gay Movement Failed?, which finds today’s largest and best-financed advocacy groups championing a narrow vision of the LGBTQ+ community that is unthreatening to the American status quo. However, both Martin and Eric take heart in the new emphasis by radicals on intersectionality, which celebrates both diversity and inclusion. Towards the end of the dialogue Martin offers a searing critique of “individualism,” as the core of mainstream American ideology; a peroration that should be heard by all progressives, radicals, and people of good will.

Also, Eric tells LARB‘s Medaya Ocher about Michael Bronski’s excellent A Queer History of the United States of America.