…and now for something completely difficult. We are inaugurating a new project, the “Best of…” series. Inspired by our annual holiday season “Best of…” special, in which Eric, Kate, and Daya pick their faves from the previous year; the new series differs in one significant way, each episode is organized around one theme – today’s is Difficult Women. So, expect to be challenged and meta-challenged! The show opens with a brief discussion about the new series; then Kate explains what inspired her to propose this week’s theme; followed by three sets of three engaging discussions about three difficult women – “thrice to thine and thrice to mine / And thrice again. to make up nine.”



Our best of choices are…

Kate’s Best Of:

Delphine from The Green Ray by Eric Roehmer
Wanda, from Wanda by Barbara Loden
Sophie Calle, artist

Eric’s Best Of:

Djuna Barnes, author of Nightwood
Andrea Dworkin, feminist critic
Azalea Banks
Bonus Round: Judith Butler

Medaya’s Best Of:

Lucy Snowe, protagonist of Villette by Charlotte Brontë 
Mariah Carey, diva
Angela Davis & Gayatri Spivak, professors