On view at Real Pain Fine Arts is the three-person exhibition Something Wild. The show features works by Strauss Bourque-LaFrance, Graham Collins, and Jennie Jieun Lee. Bourque-LaFrance’s exhibited series began with a personal library of crudely reproduced images, evolving to multilayered, rugged compositions that “quote” their former incarnation. Using a collage process more common to paper, his canvasses are sprayed, cut, and festooned with smaller “paintings within a painting.” Collins exhibits a selection of new wall-bound artworks with a maze-like ceramic form, only to bury it beneath a layer of canvas. Lee’s “The Face,” is shown for the first time and is a large, chaotic ceramic work from 2015 which marks the artist’s foray into semirepresentational mask-like forms. The show runs until September 14, 2019.